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About the Program

In response to the national outcry and civic unrest resulting from the tragic death of George Perry Floyd, Jr. in May 2020, The Knoxville (TN) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is partnering with the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority to bring a unique immersion experience to expose local youth to STEAM principles and aviation.  With the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement and recent events at our nation’s Capitol, now more than ever we see the growing need to bridge relationships and to chart a path to a more optimistic future for our youth. This innovative program is a step in the right direction to achieve this goal. Together, we are Links Interested in Technology Education and Aviation Career Education – eLITE ACEs!

The program is a series of accelerated lessons exposing students to engineering and aviation concepts, culminating with an onsite visit to McGhee Tyson Airport. The onsite visit will give students a behind-the-scenes look at operations, maintenance, logistics and leading-edge technology. This program will be a STEAM-ulating way to exercise our civic responsibility and to be socially aware and responsive while bridging connections within our community. Further, our program provides an opportunity for youth to meet mentors as well as the many professionals who keep our Knoxville airport functioning with excellence since 1937. Programs like this are vital to the Knoxville community because education, in all forms, influences how we think, act and see ourselves.

We are looking for underrepresented youth who are interested in aviation for the 2022 inaugural year of the program.  Students that can benefit from this program are: •12 to 16 years old •Academically focused •Interested in aviation and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) •Strong peer leaders, and •Demonstrate good school citizenship.

NOTE:  The inaugural class will be selected from students Knox County students who attend Vine Magnet Middle School, Whittle Springs Middle School, Austin-East High School, Fulton High School and L&N STEM Academy.

STEAM Aviation Learning Modules

Through the Lens of the Camera

Lighting, editing, timing! Learn to take your best shot. This course will help you learn more about digital photography through the camera lens! [The Arts]

How to Fly A Drone

Have you ever wanted to fly a drone? If you have flown one, are you just a bit curious about the how they fly?  Well let’s practice flying unmanned drones. Earn your first set of pilot wings! [Services to Youth]

Air plane

Aviation One-on-One

Aviation is a vast field. In this session you will learn the history and principles of aviation and understand how African Americans influenced it.  [National Trends & Services]

Plane Nutrition: Just the Facts

Airplane cuisine menus are changed each year; but did you ever wonder how you can still make healthy choices in flight or while on vacation?  We will show you how! [Health & Human Services]

International Travel:
Passport to Greatness

Now that you are all packed, don’t forget your passport! This course will help you plan for an international trip and prepare for a great trip! [International Trends & Services]

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